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Holly Scott has over 16 years of professional experience in the field of Human Services.
She has successfully navigated many State systems and dedicated seven years to managing
an agency that provides services for individuals with disabilities. In addition, she holds a Bachelor's of Science in Human Services and a Master's of Arts in Organizational Management.
Holly created Quintessence Planning and Care Coordination because she is passionate about working with individuals to realize their dreams. Her unique approach to Care Coordination enables individuals to identify their strengths and cultivate their potential.
Holly understands the value of providing options so an individual can personalize their experience by selecting a Care Coordinator that understands and best meets their specific needs and potential.
"Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would."
                                                                                                                                                                                                     - E.V.



The Mission of Quintessence Planning and Care Coordination is to provide a whole-hearted approach to person-centered planning so that individuals supported can experience the life they desire.
Quintessence Planning and Care Coordination offers statewide Care Coordination Services for TEFRA Medicaid and the following home and community-based waivers:​

ALI-Alaskans Living Independently, APDD-Adults with Physical and Developmental Disabilities, IDD-Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, CCMC-Children with Complex Medical Conditions.

Every Quintessence employee has the education and professional experience that goes beyond State certification requirements. Each demonstrates the ability to build connections, trust and rapport with the individuals they serve.
They are tenacious advocates, educating and empowering individuals to speak for themselves. Every employee
has a unique set of skills, knowledge and abilities that offer variety and choice for personalized Care Coordination.

​​​​​​​Linda LeVeque
Linda LeVeque has a wealth of experience in the field of disabilities. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services. She was employed as a Development Specialist through the Infant Learning Program for 10 years. She was a Positive Behavioral Support Specialist, working with individuals that displayed self-injurious behaviors and physical/verbal aggression. 
Linda applied her professional expertise into her personal life. She was a foster parent for an individual with severe autism for eight years and transitioned into providing family habilitation for the same individual for an additional 7 years. 
Linda’s unique blend of professional and personal experience gives her great insight and awareness for individuals and families that she supports.
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Helping a person will not necessarily change the world,
but it will change the world for that person.
Teri Fuller
Teri Fuller is a life-long Alaskan with over 26 years of professional experience in the field of Human Services. She began her professional journey in this field as a Direct Service Provider, and was promoted to the level of management while working for a State of Alaska non-profit human service organization.

Teri has completed Person-Centered Thinking training and Person-Centered Facilitation training and is currently a MANDT instructor.

Teri has a passion for advocacy, person-centered planning, assisting people to live full and inclusive lives, relationship building, and providing training and individual/professional development. A core belief of Teri's is the importance of communication; actively listening to enable understanding, which leads to commitment by all parties involved.

Teri believes in the importance of walking beside those who have invited her to share their journey; celebrating triumphs and offering support during times of adversities.

Erika Madsen
Erika was born and raised in Alaska and now lives on the beautiful Kodiak island. She has ten-years of professional experience in the disability services field. She has worked as a Direct Care Provider, a Case Manager for both home and community based waiver (HCBW) and grant recipients, and for the past year, as a Care Coordinator.  
Erika has experience working with a variety of individuals: from those experiencing autism and FASD; to children with complex medical conditions; to individuals with co-occurring mental health and developmental delays; to seniors experiencing dementia and Parkinson's.  For the past year, Erika has also used her skills as an intern at the Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center, where she provides therapy services to individuals who experience substance use disorders.  In the future, she hopes to provide services to individuals who experience both a disability and a substance use challenge.

Erika holds a Counselor Technician certification from the Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification and is working to earn a Chemical Dependency Counselor 1 certification.
Erika is committed to giving her best each day to the people she serves. Her goal is to consistently advocate, encourage, and nurture, so that she can partner with each and every person on her caseload to build a quality life.  She wants each person to meet their potential – not their neighbor's potential or their older sister's potential – but to live the special, incredible adventure for which they were made.
Chuck Wright
For more than 30 years Chuck has shared his life with individuals that have varying abilities.

Chuck has chosen to reserve his time for those he currently serves and is not increasing his caseload size.